Nuclea is a translational medicine company dedicated to the discovery of proprietary biomarkers and in vitro companion diagnostic assays based on corresponding gene and protein expression profiles associated with an individual’s tumor or specific disease state. Nuclea’s differentiated DecisionDx™ platform technology greatly improves the efficiency of genomic discovery by utilizing proprietary software in the genetic and molecular analysis of a biorepository of highly characterized clinical patient samples. The Company has applied these discovery efforts to the development of in vitro companion diagnostics for use in therapeutic and medical imaging applications across the five major cancer types: colon, stomach, leukemia, lung and prostate. Nuclea is also utilizing its DecisionDx™ platform technology to develop companion diagnostics for other disease indications such as cardiovascular, neurological, inflammation and metabolic disorders.


Biomarker Discovery

  • Discovery of Proprietary Diagnostic and Pharmacogenomic Gene and Protein Signatures
  • Accelerating Translation Medicine from Bench to Bedside
  • Biological Content through Patented Biomarkers
  • Delivering Diagnostic Solutions in Breast, Colon, Lung, Brain, Prostate and Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Clinical Lab Services

  • High-Complexity CLIA Certified Lab
  • CAP Accredited
  • Molecular Pathology Services
  • Automated Testing Solutions and Workflow Management
  • Virtual Access to Cases and Reports

Companion Diagnostics

  • Identification and Validation of Candidate Biomarkers
  • Experienced Oncology & Pathology Network
  • Integrated Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Development
  • Extensive Archived Tissue Repository
  • Strategic Alliances with Industry and Researched Leaders